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30th Infantry Division
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Commander of the 30th Infantry Division:

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30th Infantry Division Forums

News: August 20, 2004

Whats up 30th Infantry Division. Been a while since I've been around, but yea i just recently got back from basic training. Guess what, basic training is harder in the game, lol. But yea...just updated the site again today. Re-did the rosters and a few other things. Oh yea, If you would really like to help me out in keeping this site updated I'd really appreciate it. Contact me through MSN or some other way, but ill give you the sn and password and how to update the page. Anyways. Peace out.

News: May 2, 2004

Hey everyone!! Sorry for the delay of updating. I have been a bit busy and my computer was messed up. But anyways. -- Today is 6 months with me and my girlfriend. -- I have updated the site, obviously. Only about a month before i leave for Basic Training. Everyone wish me luck! But anyways. If you want to help keeping this site up-to-date then just contact Command Sergent Major Walker of the 3rd Squadron 30th Infantry Division, Just felt like writing it out to take up more room lol. Contact [3-30th]Csm.Walker to help maintain this webpage!

News: April 27, 2004

We are currently in the process of starting both a european and Battlefield division for the 30th. If you are interested or know anyone who might be interested then please fill out the join form and we will get in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

We are very excited about our team growing so well and we need quality members to keep us going, Thanks to all the current members for keeping us alive.


News: April 20, 2004

There's been a great deal of progress on the next version of AA, which is now official dubbed "America's Army: Special Forces (Downrange)".

SF Arctic: AA:SF (Downrange) will include two new multiplayer maps. One of these maps is "SF Arctic". But don't let the snow fool you. This is a fast-paced map that will keep you on your toes. Here's the situation: a coalition forces convoy struck an Improvised Explosive Device (IED), leaving their vehicles immobilized on a high-altitude mountain road. Your SF A-Team, supported by friendly IF, must protect the convoy from resistance forces known to be operating in the area. Assisting your SF A-Team is the Stryker, strategically placed in overwatch positions. With a near-infinite number of spots offering cover and concealment, the Z action is awesome. For those that enjoy maps that demand strong leadership and teamwork, SF Arctic won't disappoint.

Introducing: Sun Flares: Sun flares portray the real-life effects that you see when looking toward the direction of the sun. Their introduction has a really exciting impact on gameplay and in a variety of ways.

When looking in the direction of the sun, this has a slight-to-moderate impact on your character's vision. Sun flares add a much greater immersiveness to the game, brightening-up your gamma momentarily. Needless to say, sun flares have a much greater impact on certain levels/missions. They are not limited to SF-only maps and are expected to be retro-fitted to previous/existing maps.

Coming Soon: The New AA:SF Prima Strategy Guide: We just heard from our friends at Prima Games that the long-awaited, new-and-improved, AA:SF Strategy Guide will be available on Friday, 23 April. Lots of new content and interviews. Don't be the last to get it!

That's it for this SITREP, troops. Stay tuned for the next SITREP on Friday, 30 April.

New Recruits

1st 30th Infantry Division
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2nd 30th Infantry Division
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3rd 30th Infantry Division
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Check back soon!!


Upcoming matches

- 2v2 Combat -
To be announced.....
- 2v2 Objective -
To be announced.....
- 4v4 Objective -
To be announced.....
- 4v4 Open -
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- 6v6 Objective -
To be announced......
- 2v2 Tank -
To be announced.....
- 5v5 Infantry -
To be announced.....
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