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30th Infantry Division
30th Infantry Division Rules
30th Infantry Division Rules
1st Squadron Roster
2nd Squadron Roster
3rd Squadron Roster
Match History

 These rules are to be followed very strict-like.

General 30th Rules

-Follow the chain of command
-Respect the higher Rank
-Attend atleast once a week unless you have told your absence to an officer or a post in the fourms.
-Have respect for ALL your teamates
-Cheating is not Permited

Match Rules

-Only the higher rank will talk
-No shotting at all during a setup
-Anti-Smurf In Game Identifiers must be filled out
-Must be on the roster
-Be a good sportsman

Ventrillo Rules

-Do not play music
-Answer when spoken too
-Do not play binds
-Do not have a long phonetic

 Disobeying these rules could result in demotion or removal from clan.